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What kind of organisation are we and how do we work together?

Livestock Information Ltd is a very friendly and dynamic organisation. We work collectively with a real variety of people as a collective team; either on secondment from government, directly employed or contracted  specialists from industry. In short we want the very best people to drive our work forward.

Livestock Information Ltd is also a very focused, driven organisation; but we do that with a sense of humour and a sense of humanity. Our aim is for our people to enjoy working for the organisation and with our stakeholders, and to feel fulfilled at doing an excellent job aswell.

Over the past few months, we have successfully worked remotely and will continue to adopt this distributed working model as part of our strategic direction; in fact we don’t intend to return to a permanent office location. We want to work in a virtual world, which means that we will invest in being a virtual company, that comes together only where we have to, both to make sure make we’re delivering but also to make sure we’ve got coherence as a company and people in that company.

There is increasingly a buzz around the organisation, as we get used to distributed working, we get used to how efficient a model it is, we get used to the fact that it is a sociable and friendly and cooperative way to work, as well as, of course, being family-friendly and more cost-effective – for the company, for our stakeholders and for us all as individual at Livestock Information Ltd.