Collection & assembly centres

For general information and background on the move from ARAMS to Livestock Information Service (LIS), please click here


LIS is now live for Collection and Assembly Centres

You must create an account to sign into the new service and start reporting. It’s quick and easy to do using your active CPH number (County Parish Holding).    

  • To create your LIS account now, or sign in please click here
  • You can find out how to create an account with LIS here
  • To contact us for help or support, please click here
  • If you use a software programme to report movements and have any problems with creating an account or logging into LIS via this software, please contact your provider.

The key change for Collection Centres when using the LIS website,  is that you will no longer be able to select a list of ON movements to create a single OFF move.  The OFF move will need to be reported as a movement, uploading the relevant tags individually.

For information on your legal obligations for reporting sheep, goat and deer movements visit the GOV.UK website here